Crown Global offers customized solutions for global wealth planning involving a nexus to the United States.


Crown Global allows individuals and families immigrating to the United States to plan and structure wealth to avoid unnecessary U.S.  income and estate taxation.  Several Crown Global solutions permit the movement of a large sum of capital efficiently into the U.S. but outside of the grantor’s estate.  This wealth can then be passed to heirs tax-free.

U.S. Expatriate

U.S. Persons living outside of the United States face a variety of complex, multi-jurisdictional income and tax planning challenges.  Crown Global meets these challenges with customized solutions based in and outside the United States which mitigate taxation and allow for portability as a client’s country of residence changes.

U.S. Person Relative

A spouse, child, parent or other relative who is or plans to become a U.S. Person creates unfamiliar and con estate and tax planning hazards.  Crown Global understands and offers the compliant solutions and tax reporting these clients require.

Non-U.S. Institution

Many non-U.S. institutions are unable to maintain accounts belonging to U.S. Persons.  Crown Global provides the ability for some foreign financial institutions to maintain these customer relationships.