Delivering sophisticated capital management tools as part of an integrated strategy to create, protect and grow wealth for individuals and institutions

Deferred Compensation & Executive Benefits

Crown Global structures compensation plans to permit the deferral of fund management and incentive fees. The value of the deferral is linked to the performance of the manager’s fund or third-party funds and is designed to be passed tax-efficiently to the manager’s beneficiaries.

Fund managers can utilize this strategy as a retention and reward tool for employees. Linking compensation deferrals to the value of the fund improves alignment with investors.  Crown Global’s portable structures can be integrated into personal wealth planning as well.

Fund Raising

Crown Global assists fund managers by providing tools designed to facilitate fund raising. Crown Global can structure tax-efficient vehicles for various fund investors including U.S. taxable investors, U.S. non-taxables, foreign individuals and sovereign wealth funds.

Estate Planning

Crown Global provides unique estate planning tools to fund managers allowing for individually customized solutions.  Structures held in trusts, other vehicles or independently, have the ability to integrate management and incentive fees into a holistic estate plan.