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Crown Global enables the purchase of a broad platform of investment funds through tax-efficient vehicles.  Crown Global structures are designed to provide tax advantages typically unavailable through traditional providers.

Tax-Exempt & Sovereign Organizations

Tax-exempt investors generally are taxed on investment income considered to be Unrelated Business Taxable Income (“UBTI”) and Effectively Connected Income (“ECI”). Certain Crown Global structures are designed to minimize the impact of UBTI and ECI on the investor allowing for fewer constraints in the allocation process. 

Nuclear Decommissioning

As non-natural owners, nuclear decommissioning trusts (“NDT”) face tax inefficiencies that impact their long-term ability to meet obligations.  A Crown Global structure inserted into an NDT can optimize taxation and provide a payment stream timed to meet obligations.

Alternative to BOLI & COLI

Crown Global vehicles can more effectively meet the needs of traditional bank-owned and corporate-owned life insurance purchasers.  Absent any insurance costs and providing for unlimited investment, payments are better timed to liabilities, while simplifying accounting treatment.