Delivering sophisticated capital management tools as part of an integrated strategy to create, protect and grow wealth for individuals and institutions

Family Offices

Crown Global allows U.S. persons to invest in a robust platform of alternative assets which can be structured for tax-efficient growth and access.  Some structures allow for unlimited investment.


Crown Global’s wealth planning structures work in partnership with the majority of trust designs to create income and estate tax-free benefits.  Trust funding can, for example, occur through split-dollar funding and Crown Global structures to bypass probate by directing proceeds to either a trust or other listed beneficiary.   These structures also address increasingly overlooked tax planning opportunities for HNW immigrants relocating to the U.S. 

Wide Range of Investments

Crown Global gives an investor access to a robust choice of both onshore and offshore investments as well as access to unique alternative investments as part of an independent open-architecture platform.  By utilizing the appropriate Crown Global structure, investors can experience tax-efficient growth and may pass investments to beneficiaries tax-free.