From Bloomberg Daily Tax Report International: INSIGHT: The Often Unknown Tax Liability Facing Foreign Investors in U.S. Equities

Directly investing in U.S.-situs assets such as U.S.-Equities as a non-U.S. investor creates potential U.S. estate tax liabilities. Specific structuring options like PPLI can reduce this liability. Among several other benefits, PPLI may be a reliable option for mitigating income and estate tax liabilities and, if correctly structured, may provide comparable benefits in the investor’s home country, too.

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Crown Global's Riccardo Gambineri to speak at the US/UK Tax Planning, New York 2018 Conference on May 8th.

On May 8th, Crown Global's Riccardo Gambineri will be addressing the attendees of the US/UK Tax Planning Conference in New York City. Riccardo will be discussing how a dual-compliant life insurance policy can maximize tax-efficiency, while also offering access to non-US investment funds and tax-deferred compounding of investment gains for US citizens living in the UK. Crown Global's clients and colleagues can enjoy a 30% discount by using the VIP code FKW53644CGI.